6 Steps To Combat Menopause Symptoms You Need To Know Now

February 22, 2016

6 Steps To Combat Menopause Symptoms You Need To Know Now

Are you having a particularly hard time with severe menopause symptoms? I completely understand!! So was I until I found my 6 step game plan to stop these horrific symptoms in their tracks.

Here’s my 6 Step Game Plan to Combat Severe Menopause Symptoms:

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Nutrition. I have always been a healthy eater. I love my veggies, fruits and proteins! I don’t like processed food and really never have. What I didn’t realize was the play that chemicals have on our hormones, which foods could contain hormonal disruptors and foods that provide plant based estrogens. I was obviously planning on packing in the latter just for the estrogen alone.  I switched to an organic, real food diet and started to see some small changes. I did feel better but that alone was not going to stop my symptoms. You might want to take a look at How To Improve Your Midlife Diet So You’ll Age Gracefully for more detailed information on midlife nutrition.

6 Steps To Combat Menopause Symptoms You Need To Know Now

Exercise I hate to exercise … I mean I loathe exercising. Exercising to me should be hiking in the mountains, walking along the beach or curling a few brewskies. The unfortunate thing is my budget didn’t accommodate daily mountain hikes or walks on the beach. The good news, I was able to curl a few brewskies daily which would attribute to my fabulous wrists and forearms. I know, I know … curling brewskies will never be considered an Olympic sporting event and if it ever was I would definitely go for the gold!

Being the person I am, I figured I should at least consider some kind of exercise other than “curling brewskies” 😉 . After all, it was on my list and I never leave a list unfinished. So, I settled on yoga. I committed to 1 hour daily for 6 months. I did feel really good while doing yoga but I got bored fast, real fast. I did complete my 6 months but today I usually do poses that relieve tension, help promote sleep and I also meditate daily. I let the “curling brewskies” take care of the rest.

6 Steps To Combat Menopause Symptoms You Need To Know NowNatural Progesterone Cream The first time I used this cream I was severely depressed, cried at the drop of a hat and was hell on wheels with Mr. R. The poor guy, I still don’t know how he made it through that! But, rubbing that cream on my arm for the first time lifted a dark, dank cloud and actually made me feel the best I’ve felt in a good couple of years. My hot flashes decreased as did my night sweats. My mood was still a bear but hey I was making progress, whatd’ya want. If you don’t believe me … come between me and my cream I’ll hurt you … badly! LOL

Vitamin B. They work wonders! They gave me a good boost of energy and really helped with the terrible fatigue I had been experiencing. I bragged so much about them that Mr. R had to get on the Vitamin B bandwagon with me.

6 Steps To Combat Menopause Symptoms You Need To Know Now

Omega 3. Omega 3 has been known to aide in joint pain, depression, hot flashes, night sweats and osteoporosis. Although they do suggest the best way to get your daily Omega 3s is through diet. I just found that my appetite would not accommodate the amount of food I needed and fish/shellfish can definitely be a budget buster, hence the supplements … just for good measure, ya know. They also help keep this 50+ year old heart beating strongly.

Magnesium. The building block of all things human … the mineral that keeps all your cogs turning in the right direction. The holy grail of minerals! It wasn’t until I added magnesium to my 6 step arsenal that life started to feel “normal” again. It was an awakening of sorts. My mind started to clear, I never felt calmer and I was less moody! I felt another shroud of menopause despair lift away. I was actually able to control my anxiety and panic attacks. My life started to become happy again.

Note: Magnesium deficiency is very prominent in today’s society. We simply do not eat enough of magnesium rich foods. If you suffer from any mental disabilities, i.e. anxiety, panic attacks, depression you could very well need to add magnesium to your diet. I have family and friends who have taken my suggestion to start taking magnesium and they have all come back to me to let me know how much of a wonder this gem of a mineral is.

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Having conquered the menopause challenge …. I felt empowered and couldn’t wait to get to the next step! Building confidence in myself once again.

Please note, that my 6 step plan works for me. I cannot certify that it will work for everyone as we are an individual species with individual needs. However, this bitchy, crying, sweaty, tired and hopeless woman was a changed person as a result of it.

Have you had a hard time with menopause?

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By Mrs. R