Stuck In Yoga Pants? How To Get Unstuck Now

April 23, 2016


There is one hurdle in Midlife that I can’t seem to get over. That’s my wardrobe! I have never been really good at fashion. I always relied on my sister for fashion advice. She was killer at it. Unfortunately, I no longer have her here on earth to consult with and I am stuck. I am stuck in yoga pants!

Belly Bloat and Saggy Legs, Oh! My!

I have always been a very petite person. My wardrobe consisted of hip hugger jeans, small tees, short shorts (because when you barely make the 5 foot mark anything other than that looked like I was wearing Bermuda shorts) and the basic black dress we all have in our closets. Enter belly bloat and saggy legs … They simply appeared overnight. Yikes! Now what on earth am I to do with that? Well, short shorts are definitely out as well as my beloved 1970’s hip hugger jeans and small tees that will always remain in my closet for memory’s sake. They are truly classic embroidered rocker jeans, ya know?!

Last year I decided I havebohochic to get a more age appropriate wardrobe. I needed clothes that hide my belly bloat and saggy legs but still represented the free-spirited, hippy chick I have always been. I went BoHo Chic after coming across this article from Anca Rose at Become Gorgeous. I purchased mainly light, wide legged pants, long skirts (with elastic waists of course), crocheted fringy vests and loose fitting tops. I love what I chose but sometimes I think it still says, “Aren’t you a little old to pull that off?” especially when I see the college kids around town sporting the same look. Geeez, I thought I was doing something amazing. Don’t get me wrong I still plan on wearing my new found BoHo Chic but I know I can do better. I’m just not quite sure how …

Enter Yoga Pants

My friend Jamie and I decided we would book a Bikram Yoga Class. You know, the yoga class where you sweat your butt off and twist in unimaginable poses … especially when you’re a newbie to the whole yoga thing. Mr. R was such a good husband and brought me home 2 yoga outfits with all the necessary yoga gear in support of my new bohochic1yoga endeavor. Well Ladies, let me tell you Bikram Yoga is not for the menopausal nor for the slightly overweight best friend. We were extremely comical in this class. We kept looking out for each other because we were worried who was going to stroke out first … it was truly a laughable moment. Needless to say, we left the class 20 minutes early and hit the nearest Noodle Shop. That was my first introduction to Yoga Pants.

When you’re a freelance writer/blogger you spend countless hours alone in your writing nook crafting words and phrases. It’s hardly a place where I sport my new BoHo Chic finds but it is where I L.I.V.E in my yoga pants…. and the market … and my walks along the river … on vacation … and pretty much every where I go that will accept my yoga pants. I’m stuck in yoga pants … I can’t help it.

So if you came here looking for MidLife wardrobe advice … my only advice would be Yoga Pants, multiple hats and loose tees. That’s pretty much all I got. However, I have come across two great Midlife Bloggers who really seem to have this midlife fashion thing down to a science. B.E.L.I.E.V.E me I have been studiously perusing their blogs for all the advice I can get … Let me introduce them to you …

Amy Christensen at Stylin’ Granny Mama :

I came across Amy at the Between The Lines Blog Series for Bloggers 50 and over. Amy is:

… a 52 year old wife, mother, grandmother, friend, employee, writer and Jesus follower… living in Toledo, Ohio

Who’s inspiration to start a fashion blog came from her young adult daughter:

One morning after getting dressed in a fairly fashionable outfit, that included knee high boots and a camel colored leather cross body bag my younger adult daughter said, “Wow Mom!  You’re really stylin’.”

My rapid-fire response was, “Yup!  That’s me, the stylin’ granny mama!” 

Little did I know that seed would grow into a fully developed idea. It will be a work in progress, but I hope you will join me as the complex layers of faith, fashion, family, friends and fluff evolve.

Next is Deborah Boland at Fabulous After 40 :

I came across Deborah while searching for other Midlife Bloggers such as myself. I was elated to find her blog! Deborah and I immediately had something in common … Yoga Pants!

After 20 years as an Executive TV Producer & Host (including my hit series on HGTV), I was at home with my three small children. I went from dressing to the nines for meetings and media events to being a full-time, stay at home mom living in yoga pants.

Trying to get back on the style track was hard. I didn’t want to look old and boring, but I didn’t want to look like a trendy teen either. Where were the clothes for women over 40? Where were the over 40 role models? That’s when I decided to start Fabulous after 40.

If I ever get out of my writing nook and yoga pants, I will be using all the wonderful fashion advice these lovely ladies have so graciously put together for Midlife Women. I’ll keep you posted but until then Yoga Pants for me … but You can finally get out of yours and discover your own unique Midlife style with Amy and Deborah’s help!

Do you have a particular midlife fashion problem?

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By Mrs. R