Sweet, Tangy, Crispy Chicken Wings

May 24, 2016



Summer is on the horizon and picnics, BBQ’s and family gatherings will soon begin. Whenever, Mr. R and I are invited to a picnic or BBQ I am always asked to bring my Sweet, Tangy, Crispy Chicken Wings along with my Famous Angel Eggs.

I love finger foods and Chicken Wings are in my top five favorites! But, I’m picky, very picky about my wings. They have to have that crackling crisp skin and be tender and juicy on the inside. The sauce has to be sweet, tangy and sticky otherwise I snub my nose up at them LOL. However, I always had a hard time perfecting that yummy crispy skin when making them at home. Until one day when an Asian Chef friend of mine invited us to the grand opening of his restaurant. It was quite an affair and of course sitting at the Chef’s table was incredible! He put out tasting plates of all the dishes he was serving that night so we could choose our favorites. One of my favorites were his Korean Chicken Wings! O.M.G. his chicken wings were amazing and met every criteria of what I call a successful Chicken Wing. I literally begged him to divulge his secret for that crispy skin. He resisted in telling me for quite a few months until we had dinner once again at the Chef’s Table where he finally caved in. I think it was my puppy dog eyes and the numerous customers I had recommended to his restaurant in the previous months that did it. 

The process can be a bit lengthy but it is so worth the effort. So, today you are in luck and I will divulge his secret to crispy chicken wings to you!

Are you ready to solve the mystery of Sweet, Tangy, Crispy Chicken Wings? Then let’s get on with it!

Sweet, Tangy, Crispy Chicken Wings
For the Chicken Wings
  1. 3 lbs of fresh Chicken Wings, separated with wing tips discarded
  2. Peanut Oil, for frying
  3. Garlic Powder
  4. Onion Powder
  5. Cayenne, to taste
  6. Smoked Paprika
  7. Sea Salt
  8. Cracked Pepper
  9. All the above seasonings are to taste. I don't measure these ingredients as you will use them as a dry rub.
For the Sauce
  1. 1 stick of Butter (I use Kerry Gold Irish Butter)
  2. 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Texas Pete Hot Sauce
  3. A few dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
  4. 1 1/2 TB of Honey
For the Chicken Wings
  1. Rinse and pat the Chicken Wings dry
  2. Place on a sheet tray and season with all the above seasonings, to taste
  3. Cover and place in the refrigerator for approximately 1 hour
  4. Heat a Deep Fryer to 375 degrees
  5. Set up your fryer station using a paper bag (to allow for draining) under a cooling rack
For the First Fry*
  1. Remove Chicken Wings from refrigerator and place in fryer in small batches.
  2. Let fry for approximately 5 minutes making sure to turn the wings halfway through for even frying
  3. Let cool on cooling rack
  4. Repeat until all the Chicken Wings have been through the first fry
  5. Place the cooled Chicken Wings flat in a freezer bag and freeze overnight
For the Second Fry
  1. Heat the Deep Fryer to 375 degrees
  2. Remove frozen Chicken Wings from freezer
  3. Once the deep fryer is preheated, place frozen Chicken Wings directly in the fryer in small batches, please make sure you cover the fryer as there will be some oil spitting and you don't want to get burned.
  4. Fry for approximately 5 to 7 minutes until the skin is golden brown and blistery
  5. Remove Chicken Wings and place on cooling rack
For the Sauce
  1. In a small sauce pan, add all the ingredients and bring to a very slight boil.
  2. Remove from heat and cover until all the Chicken Wings have been through the second fry.
  3. Once all the chicken wings are finished toss them into a large bowl and pour the sauce over them making sure to coat them evenly
  4. Once coated, lay them out on a sheet tray and place under the broiler for just a few minutes on each side. Make sure you don't walk away because they can burn in no time. You are looking to just caramelize the sauce making in slightly sticky to the touch.
  1. When I make Chicken Wings I usually make 6 to 9lbs at a time. This way I have taken 6 to 9lbs of Chicken Wings through the first fry, divide them into 3 3lb servings and freeze them in 3 freezer bags. After this task is completed it is easy to just throw a bag in the fryer for the second fry, sauce and broil to perfection.
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Do you have a favorite Chicken Wing recipe that is requested time after time?

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By Mrs. R