Here Are 4 Things That Will Solve Your Midlife Hair Woes

June 15, 2016

Here Are 4 Things That Will Solve Your Midlife Hair Woes

Have you noticed any changes in the health and texture of your hair during menopause? Boy I certainly have! I swear I had two different hair types at once. The top of my hair was dry, brittle and turned curly while the length of my hair was straight, thin and wispy. Not to mention, the hair lost in the drain after a shower. Geez … right? Like we don’t have enough against us!

Well Ladies, I don’t want you to fret over it anymore. There are numerous ways we can get our beautiful locks of hair back into shape during this time of life.

Shampoo or No Shampoo, That is The Question?

Here Are 4 Things That Will Solve Your Midlife Hair Woes

When I was doing extensive research into menopause, I came across several blogs hailing the “No Poo” movement. Most of them were young bloggers who were advocates for green living and looking for ways to reduce their chemical exposure.  As I’m sure you’ve heard already, shampoos and conditioners contain a multitude of harmful chemicals. I don’t blame them for wanting to seek out other alternatives, heck I was doing the same thing.

I decided I’d give this “No Poo” alternative a good solid try. I quit using shampoo for a month. Yep, an entire month … my hair was very dry, frizzy, dull and simply wouldn’t behave. I figured the theory of letting your natural hair oils do their job was a good one. After all, shampoo strips the hair of  it’s natural oils, right?

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My daily hair routine was simple, when showering I would rinse my hair with warm water being careful not to scrub my scalp and then follow up with a healthy conditioner. I started this routine using Andalou’s Argan Stem Cells Age Defying Conditioner but found that it was not enough to gently brush the tangles out. So I added Davines OI All in One Milk , while the ingredients weren’t stellar it did really help with detangling, added some needed texture, made my hair feel ultra soft and shiny. Let’s not mention how intoxicating it’s heavenly smell is.

After the month was out, I really noticed a difference. My hair was very shiny and looked much healthier than it had for awhile. But, I still had hair falling into the shower drain and frizzing at the top of my scalp.

Do Natural Supplements Help with Dry, Brittle Menopausal Hair?

Here Are 4 Things That Will Solve Your Midlife Hair Woes

While committing to the “No Poo” month, I also started a regimen of eating only whole foods, taking a Vitamin B Complex, Omega 3s and Magnesium to alleviate my hot flashes, night sweats and crazy mood swings. Never did I think that maybe, just maybe, this regimen would also improve the health of my hair. So, I did a little research to see what each of these supplements would contribute to healthy hair:

  • Vitamin B Complex; contains folic acid and folic acid is well known to aid in healthier hair and skin. It helps to produce red blood cells which carries needed oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles.
  • Magnesium; helps your cells produce energy and manufacture protein. What is hair made of?  Protein (also known as keratin) without a sufficient amount of protein in your diet you hair will be the first to show the deficiency.
  • Amino Acids; produces energy and helps with the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Where do you find amino acids? Well, beans, nuts, seeds, chicken and other meats. Now that explains a few things, I eat a whole food diet consisting primarily of beans, nuts, lots of veggies, fruits and a variety of meats.

So, do natural supplements help with menopausal hair? I can safely come to the assumption that yes they do!

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Although I have resumed using a healthy shampoo once a week, I have continued with this regimen and my hair is back! Yes, Ladies, back to the lovely locks I have always loved and cherished. So, please don’t cry or be sad because with a little routine change and a healthy diet you too can get back to the shiny, healthy hair that you love.

What have you found that helped you get over menopausal hair?

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By Mrs. R