9 Valuable Things to Actually Ease Panic of a Midlife Move

July 19, 2016


Mr. R and I have been renovating our house this year. We have lived here for 18 years, our children lived here, we have some beautiful memories as well as some not so beautiful memories. Now that the nest is empty, we are finally in the position to renovate our little family home to meet our needs. However, Mr. R asked me if I wanted to put it on the market after the renovations were complete?

I must admit, I was a little shaken by that question. Everywhere I look in this home, there is a memory or two of the children, long ago friends and good family times. It makes me panic. I’m always looking at a little ding asking Mr. R remember when … a small plaque that my son made me hangs on the wall still to this day but I look at that plaque and it takes me back through the years.

I’ll walk outside and I can envision the family gatherings we’ve had, the bon fires we have enjoyed and our make shift shooting range which has always been happily received by all. While my head is considering the idea of putting this little house on the market, my heart tugs at me. The thought truly makes me sad.


While we have seen good times and bad times, it is those times that made us the people that we are today. Our world has lost so many of the old values that we have almost forgotten the important things in life. This little house is a reminder of the values we taught our children, the times we took in folks who had no where else to go or the many times we invited a stranger for supper knowing that they had nothing to eat. Our world has turned ugly but this little house holds my life’s beauty. How can I possibly let that go without panicking?

The Pros of Relocating during the Midlife Years

  • Location; as we age our health tends to make the better of our decisions. Maybe you live in the North with the cold, long winters and instead would love to relocate to some place sunny and warm. Maybe the children and grandchildren have moved to a different city or state and you would love to be closer to them during this time of life;
  • A Manageable Upkeep; a smaller home wouldn’t command so much attention to maintenance, less bathrooms to clean, less yard to mow, less home maintenance in general;
  • A Smaller Mortgage Payment; downsizing to a smaller home would mean a smaller mortgage or if the market was on your side you could actually end up mortgage free;
  • Less Property Taxes; even for the mortgage free midlifer property taxes will still have to be paid. A smaller home would cost much less in the terms of property taxes;
  • Less Utilities to Pay; a smaller home usually means a smaller utility bill which over a year’s time could be a real good cost savings;


The Cons of Relocating during the Midlife Years

  • Leaving Long Time Friends and Neighborhood; we have watched their children grow up, stood together during tragic times, laughed and loved during the precious times, they are part of our lives and relocating would certainly bring distance between families
  • The Emotional Cost; this is where I’m kinda at … leaving the very memories that are engrained in the wood, the floors, the voice and feeling of the home can be a little unsettling not only to the midlifer but our children as well.
  • Financial Cost of Moving; especially if you’re moving states or a country away … movers can be expensive and if you have animals like I do I certainly don’t plan on leaving them behind. It can be costly to relocate your animals as well.
  • Upgrading a New Home to Make it Your Own; well this certainly would be on my list especially if I’m leaving my memories behind … No doubt I’d have many upgrades to personalize my new space in life. If we did choose to relocate there would certainly have to be enough money to purchase and upgrade our new home all while being mortgage free.

While I can’t be certain where Mr. R and I will be in the next few years, I can tell you that if we did decide to make a big relocation decision it would be to move closer to my son and daughter-in-law in Colorado (I know it’s cold there but I was born there and it kinda seems natural to die there as well lol) But, bet your bottom I would only agree if we could live mortgage free (upgrades included) with plenty of travel plans ahead of us. OOOhhh and my dear Delila would definitely be coming with us as far as the other eight dogs… well how could I possibly leave them behind 😉


Are you thinking about downsizing? Is it playing with your emotions too?

See you in the comments,





By Mrs. R