Menopause Crazy? Killer Tips To Crush It In Its Tracks

September 9, 2016

Menopause Crazy? Killer Tips To Crush It In Its Tracks

Menopause is a fact of life that not one woman alive can out run … hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, moodiness (that’s really just putting it mildly), thinning hair, lack of energy and aches & pains …. for years … you feel that you will never get over it nor will it ever end. Your sanity is tested and your nerves are stretched …  Menopause crazy? What is a woman to do?!

As a women who has been there and done that I felt it was my mission to compile some tried and true ways that not only offer you relief from many of your symptoms but also soothes your soul and your nerves … It’s time to stop being Menopause Crazy.

Are you ready to start feeling like your old self again? … How about better than your old self ever thought you could be? … Let’s begin shall we?!

6 Steps To Combat Menopause Symptoms You Need To Know Now

Are you having a particularly hard time with severe menopause symptoms? I completely understand!! So was I until I found my 6 Step Game Plan to Stop Severe Menopause Symptoms  in their tracks! Yes!! You can begin to feel better right away, isn’t that fantastic!

3 Steps To Find A Remarkable New You

When women enter the 50+ side of life there is a period of loneliness. They begin to reflect on their lives searching for the right path to go forward in a positive way. Some women begin to let go of responsibilities that no longer pertain to that path:

  • Children are raised and are now young adults.
  • Household chores don’t seem quite as important anymore.
  • In some cases, they detach from a relationship that weighs them down and makes them unhappy.

The Best 4 Emotions That Makes A Woman Feel Attractive

Once a woman arrives at a point where her menopausal symptoms have been controlled and sanity returns, she begins to reflect on the aftermath of her life. She begins to discover the 5 emotions that make her feel attractive again.

Are You Disrupting Your Hormones? Things You Need To Know!

Did you know that chemicals can be hormone disruptors? Yes, hormone disruptors! As a woman going through menopause the last thing you need is disrupted hormones! Geezz… all that work at trying to keep your hormones balanced and a spritz of Windex can simply ruin it for the day! Read what to avoid now!

Here Are 4 Things That Will Solve Your Midlife Hair Woes

Have you noticed any changes in the health and texture of your hair during menopause? Boy I certainly have! I swear I had two different hair types at once. The top of my hair was dry, brittle and turned curly while the length of my hair was straight, thin and wispy. Not to mention, the hair lost in the drain after a shower. Geez … right? Like we don’t have enough against us!

Well Ladies, I don’t want you to fret over it anymore. There are numerous ways we can get our beautiful locks of hair back into shape during this time of life.

How To Improve Your Midlife Diet So You'll Age Gracefully

Today we hear a lot of talk about how important it is to eat a diet consisting of organic whole foods. I find this especially true for the 50+ woman. Small changes in our diet can mean big changes in how well we age.

While the 50+ woman doesn’t require the same amount of daily calories as she did in her 30’s, she does require some essentials to help alleviate certain menopausal symptoms and help her age gracefully.

I hope after reading this article you feel empowered to take charge of your life and be the best that you can be!

Have you experienced anything during menopause that I have failed to mention here? Please let me know in the comments … I want to help!

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