Is CBD Oil Helpful For Fibromyalgia? You’ll Be Astonished

October 14, 2016

Is CBD Oil Helpful for Fibromyalgia You'll Be Astonished

Dear Mrs. R – An Advice Series for Women of All Ages

I am so excited to bring you another installment of Dear Mrs. R. I truly value all of my readers and your support has been amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Dear Mrs R answers a Reader’s question about medical marijuana for treating Fibromyalgia. See what she says!

This week I chose a question from Donna G., Donna asks:

Dear Mrs. R, I have a very unusual question that you may or may not have an opinion on. I’m pressed to write you because of your candid and well researched articles that have been so beneficial to me. I pray that you will have some kind of advice for me as I’m so unsure of the direction I must take.

I recently have been made aware that my daughter has an autoimmune disease, Fibromyalgia. She is currently taking Cymbalta which doesn’t appear to be helping. In fact, it seems to make her feel worse. She has nausea, lack of energy, insomnia and lack of appetite which I believe is stemming from the use of this prescription. I have read and spoke to others about medical marijuana on a forum for Fibromyalgia patients. From what I gather it has been extremely beneficial for a lot of them in suppressing the pain associated with this terrible disease as well as helping with their appetite and insomnia.

I guess my question to you is what is your stance on medical marijuana? I know your an advocate for holistic healthcare but I’m not sure if your advocacy reaches into the medical marijuana sector. If you choose not to answer this question I completely understand. However, I really would like to know what you have to say on the subject.

Thank you so much for your time.

Well now, I did say there is no question too big or too small so I’m going for it!

Dear Mrs R An Advice Series For Women Of All Ages

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Dear Donna,

I am very happy to hear from you! I have no problem addressing your question whatsoever. In fact, it gives me a chance to be a voice for something I truly believe in!

I am an advocate for medical marijuana. I feel it should be legal on both the federal and state levels. Research suggests that the pros of medical marijuana far out weigh the cons. I have researched this issue extensively in a effort to help family members find relief from autoimmune disorder symptoms. My uncle suffered from Scleroderma, my Momma from Rheumatoid arthritis and my sister from Fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, they have all passed due to complications that were exacerbated by their autoimmune disorder. They also lived in states that did not approve the use of medical marijuana at the time.

I’m even going to go one step further, back in the early 80s my best friend was diagnosed with AIDS he suffered from nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite due to his disease as well as the many medications he was on, most of which were still in the experimental stages. There was only one thing that helped with these symptoms. That was marijuana … yep the roll a doobie and smoke it kind. In the 80s medical marijuana research was non-existent.

In any event, we are not in the 80s anymore. The research is very strong that Cannabis is beneficial in treating the symptoms of autoimmune disorders.

In my own state, the University of South Carolina conducted a study Marijuana use suppresses immune functions led by Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti. Dr. Nagarkatti’s conclusion was:

‘… Marijuana cannabinoids present us with a double-edged sword. On one hand, due to their immunosuppressive nature, they can cause increased susceptibility to cancer and infections. However, further research of these compounds could provide opportunities to treat a large number of clinical disorders where suppressing the immune response is actually beneficial.’

The layman’s terms, cannabinoids in a healthy person can cause an increase in cancer and infections. However, in an unhealthy person suffering from inflammation cannabinoids are efficacious in suppressing the inflammation thus alleviating the symptoms of autoimmune disorders.

I’m also of the understanding that new research has come out stating that cannabinoids are beneficial in fighting certain strains of cancer but that is a conversation for another time.

So, Donna, the answer to your question is, yes, I am an advocate for medical marijuana.

With that being said, if you live in a state where it is legal I highly suggest that your daughter speak with her medical physician before using any CBD oil. If this is the course she would like to travel, I highly suggest she obtain a medical marijuana card and purchase CBD oil from a licensed  dispensary.

I also do not suggest that she start the old roll a doobie and smoke it to self medicate.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with marijuana use. I have been an advocate in our state to legalize it medically as well as recreationally. However, I do not think I will be alive to see that come to fruition. I believe North Carolina will legalize it for medical and recreational use before South Carolina does.

I hope this helps you to understand medical marijuana and its benefits in treating the symptoms of autoimmune disorder, Donna. If you would like to discuss this further I am always here to help in any way! xo

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