Lasagne di Cinque Formaggi (Five Cheese Lasagna)

October 25, 2016

Lasagne Di Cinque Formaggi ( Five Cheese Lasagna)

I can’t imagine a classic lasagna recipe without lots of ooey, gooey cheese. Traditional lasagna recipes usually showcase mozzarella, ricotta and Parmesan cheeses. However, I decided to kick it up a notch by adding freshly grated Asiago and shredded Gruyere. Yum!

This recipe will make you a hit with your family and friends. I promise you, they will be clamoring for more!

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Lasagne di Cinque Formaggi (Five Cheese Lasagna)

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Serves 6

Lasagne di Cinque Formaggi (Five Cheese Lasagna)

1 hr, 30 Total Time

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  • 4 c. meat sauce (recipe)
  • 12 whole lasagna noodles, cooked according to package instructions
  • 1 24 oz. container ricotta cheese
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 4 T. Italian seasoning , divided
  • ½ c. fresh parsley, chopped, plus extra for garnish
  • 2 t. kosher salt
  • 1 t. black pepper
  • 1 8 oz. package shredded mozzarella cheese, divided
  • 1 8 oz. package shredded Gruyere cheese, divided
  • ¾ c. Parmesan cheese , freshly grated
  • ¾ c. Asiago cheese, freshly grated


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. In a large glass bowl, combine ricotta cheese, beaten egg, 3 tablespoons Italian seasoning , and fresh parsley. Stir to combine.
  3. Spray a 13 x 9 glass baking dish with non-stick cooking spray . Add enough meat sauce to cover the bottom of the pan and then cover with 3 lasagna noodles. Top with an even layer of the ricotta cheese mixture, followed by a layer of shredded mozzarella and Gruyere cheese, using equal amounts of each. Finish with a layer of grated Parmesan cheese and Asiago cheese, also in equal amounts.
  4. Repeat this process three more times: meat, noodles, ricotta mixture, shredded cheeses, and grated cheeses. Sprinkle the remaining Italian seasoning , across the final layer.
  5. Loosely tent dish with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove foil and continue baking for another 20-25 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to rest for 20 minutes before serving.
Cuisine: Italian | Recipe Type: Main Dish


The key to keeping lasagna from getting soupy is to make sure your noodles are thoroughly dried before assembling your lasagna.

After preparing noodles according to package instructions, arrange them in a single layer on large cookie sheets sprayed with non-stick cooking spray . Gently pat noodles dry with a paper towel. Turn over and repeat. Allow to air dry until all excess moisture is gone.


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