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Hi! Welcome to my Blog!

I’m Carla Rexroth, a retired paralegal/business owner turned freelance writer and blogger. I love art, music, food and most of all writing. I’m a midlife woman who is also experiencing all the trials and tribulations of entering the midlife stage of life.

I started the Simplify Life With Mrs. R blog because I had a hard time finding answers to my questions about midlife transition in women. That made me sad. I wanted to share my experiences with other women who were going through the same transition. After all, midlife questions should no longer be a stigma. This is an important time in our life. We NEED to bond with other women going through the same trials and tribulations.

Got a Question About Menopause or Midlife?

Feel free to comment on blog posts. I’ll answer any and all questions posed on those posts.

Or, ask me all the questions you want, whenever it’s convenient for you, by joining my community at Simplify Life With Mrs. R. When you join my community you will receive my Free 24 Page E-Cookbook of Our Most Popular Recipes.

Why Subscribe to My Community?

  • I love giving free stuff to my subscribers just like the Free 24 Page E-Cookbook of Our Most Popular Recipes I told you about with many more to come;
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So, that’s 3 good reasons to join my community at Simplify Life With Mrs. R.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

I started Simplify Life With Mrs. R because I saw a need for information and support for women going through Midlife and Menopause. I want to break the stigma that women should just trudge on with their daily lives during this very tumultuous time of life. We are going through a natural biological phase of life which, I feel, requires accurate information as to health care, dietary needs and emotional support. Most of all, a place where Midlife Women can come to vent their frustrations, ask questions and collaborate with other women sharing their own experiences.

What Makes Me So Special?

First off, I don’t consider myself as special. I’m a Midlife Woman just like yourself going through the same phase of life. I have done extensive research to garner effective resources to help point other Midlife Women in the right direction through this transition. I am making it my mission to inspire and support YOU, the Midlife Woman, in hopes that through community and support of other women we can inspire to Be Healthier, Be Happier and Reinvent Ourselves to be the best we can be!

I hope this blog inspires YOU be the best YOU that YOU can be!





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    Glad to find a kindred spirit! I, too, am in transition and am finally in a place of accepting and loving my new status. Freedom to invest my time is a blessing I have come to appreciate although for a while I was a bit adrift. Look forward to your posts! Sandra www.lowcountryfelicitylife.com
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      Mrs. R

      Hi Sandra! I'm so glad to meet you. It's always nice to find a kindred spirit. I think we have all felt adrift at some point during this transition I know I have!

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