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What is the Community at Simplify Life With Mrs. R All About?

The community at Simplify Life With Mrs. R provides information and support for women going through Midlife and Menopause. I want to break the stigma that women should just trudge on with their daily lives during this very tumultuous time of life. We are going through a natural biological phase of life which, I feel, requires accurate information as to health care, dietary needs and emotional support. Most of all, a place where Midlife Women can come to vent their frustrations, ask questions and collaborate with other women sharing their own experiences. I hope these free resources are helpful in your Midlife transition.


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Gluten-Free Resources

The Gluten Free Baking Pantry
Click here to download PDF.
Click here to download PDF.

Personal Development

Click here to download Living Your Best Life.

Mental Health Issues

Click here to download Understanding and Managing Anxiety Disorders.







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