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The Luxury Experience You Deserve At The New Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

orleans hotel  casino las vegas

The Luxury Experience You Deserve At The New Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Located on the northern outskirts of the New Orleans area, the New Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas have a range of exciting activities that will satisfy any adventure fan. The casino floor itself is one of the largest gambling casinos in the world.

This Las Vegas hotel is known for its spacious rooms and lavish amenities, with plenty of food and beverage options for everyone. Guests who wish to relax on the resort’s entertainment options will find that they have plenty of fun to be had by soaking up the great hospitality and the fascinating sights found on the hotel’s five levels. The casino floor offers the guests a variety of experiences ranging from blackjack and roulette to video poker and slots.

Guests can enjoy a wonderful casino experience from their room as the casino floor is decorated to blend in well with the traditional American casino atmosphere. However, those who are planning to gamble from the comfort of their room should make sure that the room they choose does not have strong casino influences. The theme is meant to match the mood of the guests, who will surely be welcomed by the distinctive beauty of the hotel’s surroundings. The only downside to the hotel’s main casino floor is that it can be rather crowded at times with regular players who are keen to gamble and win big.

Guests at the New Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas will certainly want to stay in one of the two resorts on the hotel’s western side. Each of the two locations are designed to provide guests with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. At the New Orleans Beach Resort, guests can enjoy exceptional views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River.

The New Orleans Beach Resort also boasts spectacular sunsets and beautiful scenery to complement the relaxing environment. All rooms come equipped with state-of-the-art amenities including air conditioning, television, DVD players, fully-equipped kitchens, private baths, in-room safes, and pet-friendly. In addition, guests will be entertained by their own personal waiter or concierge.

Those interested in experiencing more of the vibrant nightlife of the New Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas can do so by making use of the casino’s outdoor pool and bar. The casino floor is located just inside the doors of the pool area. Guests can also experience all of the exciting experiences of the pool and bar by booking accommodations at either of the resorts’ outdoor locations.

When the sun goes down at the New Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, it is the guests who should experience the magic. With multiple light effects from mirrors, chandeliers, and glass globes, the lights dance around the casino floor making it appear as if the casino floor has been covered in dazzling lights.

This is just one of the many ways that the New Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas can offer a unique and special ambiance to guests who wish to spend their vacation relaxing, and when the guests cannot get away, the casino staff will be ready to help them out. In addition, the hotel’s complimentary limousine service will take guests anywhere they need to go.

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