Do You Know the Truth About Ageism and Women?

It seems that every time I turn around I’m hearing about another middle-aged woman losing her job because they are “Too Old.” This mindset was very prominent during the Recession of 2008. I had friends and neighbors who were virtually forced to retire because of the cost that it would take to keep them on. I even had friends who were just plain fired because here in South Carolina an Employer can fire you with or without cause provided there is no violation of law....

3 Steps To Find A Remarkable New You

3 Steps To Find A Remarkable New You

Anger, Fear and Loneliness When women enter the 50+ side of life there is a period of loneliness. They begin to reflect on their lives searching for the right path to go forward in a positive way. Some women begin to let go of responsibilities that no longer pertain to that path: Children are raised and are now young adults. Household chores don’t seem quite as important anymore. In some cases, they detach from a relationship that weighs them down and makes them unhappy. These women begin to find themselves feeling...