4 Useful Garden Goals For A Successful Summer Crop

4 Useful Garden Goals For A Successful Summer Crop

I don’t know about you but Spring has definitely sprung early here in South Carolina. It’s February …. It’s 66 degrees … Sunny … and my flowers are starting to bloom along with the pines and red maples. All of this unexpected Spring weather has given me the garden itch. I’m beginning to think about what I would like to plant. I’m thumbing through all my garden catalogs and gardening sites picking out my seeds. Mr. R and I have...

Why Plant Organically?

I found a great article from, a trademark of The Lance Armstrong Foundation, explaining the definition of Organic Seeds. This article will aid you in making a well informed decision about choosing organic seeds for your herb and vegetable gardens.  Photo Credit Seed image by Ella from Fotolia.comRead the Definition of Organic Seeds Here are few other useful resources concerning organic gardening and seeds. Intensive Organic Gardening – FactSheet provided by The Ohio State University Intensive organic gardening offers...