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Let’s Splurge! It’s Steak Oscar for Dinner!

Lets Splurge Its Steak Oscar For Dinner

I was at the market this weekend and felt like making something epic for dinner. There were quite a few sales but the grass-fed filet mignon just looked absolutely delish. So did the wild caught white shrimp. I decided surf and turf would be fabulous! I don’t get a chance too often to make a big splurge at the market like this, but, life must be lived and good food must be included. Even if it’s an occasional splurge. I...

Are You Disrupting Your Hormones? Things You Need To Know!

Are You Disrupting Your Hormones? Things You Need To Know!

I am sure that by now you have heard about all the chemicals we are subjected to on a daily basis. Chemicals are in everything; our clothing,  our food, our cleaning products and our cosmetics. However, did you know that these chemicals can also be hormone disruptors? Yes, hormone disruptors! As a woman going through menopause the last thing I need is disrupted hormones! Geezz… all that work at trying to keep my hormones balanced and a spritz of Windex can simply...

Who Said Chocolate Pudding Wasn’t Good For You!?

Have you ever thought you had a great recipe and then it turned out to be a kitchen disaster? Well, that is just what happened to me. I thought I had worked out a wonderful recipe for a “real food” Chocolate Cake topped with a Chocolate Ganache and as it turns out the Chocolate Cake was a kitchen disaster and not very tasty. However, the Chocolate Ganache was splendid. Unfortunately, I had to scrap the cake but salvaged the Chocolate...