Where Is The Best Restaurant To Order Pho In Columbia SC?

  This is NOT a sponsored post. The opinions contained herein are my own.   I am in love with Asian cuisine! So much so, that I could easily survive in any Asian country and not starve, LOL. However, this is one cuisine that I have not been able to master as far as culinary skills go. I try and try but it just does not taste the same as the restaurant version. Mr. R will ask, “what restaurant would...

Let’s Splurge! It’s Steak Oscar for Dinner!

Lets Splurge Its Steak Oscar For Dinner

I was at the market this weekend and felt like making something epic for dinner. There were quite a few sales but the grass-fed filet mignon just looked absolutely delish. So did the wild caught white shrimp. I decided surf and turf would be fabulous! I don’t get a chance too often to make a big splurge at the market like this, but, life must be lived and good food must be included. Even if it’s an occasional splurge. I...